# vuejs

Vuetify Form Validation

Recently I have been learning Express and this app I have been working on will eventually be a Survey App, a more full featured version of the I did as part of Flatiron. This app utilizes MongoDB, Express, and a Vue.js frontend. I recently finished the user accounts authentication on the backend with JWT, and added the registration and login forms, routing, and logic to the frontend.


One Feature Three Projects

Since graduating from Flatiron School in March, I have been building a lot of projects, learning more technologies, and try to sharpen my skills as I search for my first professional Software Development position. Over the last few weeks I have been developing a Full-Stack Ruby on Rails application, called Your Congress project what will become quite large. I decided to briefly stop on this project and try something different - One Feature Three Projects.


Gridsome Post Comments

In this tutorial, we will look at how to add Disqus commenting into a Gridsome site. Since Gridsome is part of the Vue.js eco-system, these steps should work with any Vue.js site