License file for GIT

So, you create an Open Source project and published it to GitHub. But you realize you forgot to create a LICENSE file when you created the repository. What do you do now?

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You can copy a LICENSE file from another repository and include it in your next commit, but there an EASIER way?

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##VSCODE Extensions If you are using VSCODE as your IDE, you already know there are a ton of extensions for almost everything you need. Today, I found this nifty extension, called Licenser which installs a LICENSE file to your project.

Here is how it works. Install the extension from the link above. Add the following to your Settings JSON file: "licenser.license": "MIT" or you can configure for other License's.

From the Command Palette, select "licenser: Create LICENSE file" and it automatically will install the file. BOOM Done!

Have a nice day.